Four hand knit projects for men using fully traceable Pebble Island yarn.

This small but perfectly formed collection of 4 handknit designs is an ode to the island namesake of the wool in which these projects are knitted. Pebble Island is so-called due to the kaleidoscope of agate stones that once littered its white sandy beaches. It was this vision of salt-washed jewels on the seashore and the other distinctive features of the landscape that informed the colourful palette of the worsted weight wool that is fully traceable back to the sheep farm on the small island in the Falklands archipelago.

Stitch patterns that come to life in 2 or 3 colours, and a patchwork of colour blocks designed to be worn, loved, worn out, repaired and worn again, reflect the energising friction between artificial and organic that can be found everywhere in the landscapes that we call home. My collaboration with photographer India Hobson who captured this collection on the working fishing beach at Rock-A-Nore, Hastings plays with the synergies in shape, colour and texture between the knits and the location and proves my oft repeated refrain that there is inspiration everywhere for those who take time to look.

Photography by India Hobson. On location at Hastings Fishing Beach, East Sussex.