MDK Field Guide 20: Atlas

I have long admired the work of Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne and their pioneering yarn blog and destination for what’s hot in knitting, Modern Daily Knitting. So I was honoured to be asked to design a small, but perfectly formed collection of 5 designs for their collectable and highly covetable Field Guide series.

Field Guide 20 uses MDK’s very own, and first, all American, 100% Rambouillet wool, Atlas. The theme as the name of the yarn suggests is about journeys, but not necessarily global or even transatlantic. The journey of the process, not about the designation but about the meandering pathway that brings us from one place to another. Starting from the skein, taking time to  u n w i n d,  following the thread. In, over, under, off. A meditative rhythm…

For more information or to purchase Field Guide 20, visit Modern Daily Knitting.