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I have often had to summarise my life into a paragraph for an author bio on the inside cover of a book, a ’30 year pill’ of industry experience delivered in a two hour knitwear design workshop, or as quick-fire answers to a ‘day in the life’ questionnaire on the back page of a craft magazine (tea & toast, Gemini, gunky green and reverse stocking stitch – in case you were wondering). But I find it increasingly difficult to succinctly list the jobs, places of work, people of interest, career highlights and lessons learned without unpicking the stitches in between to unravel the particular threads that bind it all together.

Craft is about being resourceful, seeing opportunity where others see waste, embracing the dropped stitches, the frayed edges, finding use or beauty (or both!) in the tiny scraps of fabric too precious to part with, and ultimately using your hands and tools as simple as two sticks and a continuous thread to make something from nothing.

The Knight Kraft newsletter is a personal journal, an insight into my creative practice and the scribble inside my mind. It’s for knitters, crocheters, textile enthusiasts, fibre lovers and makers, and for all those who share my passion for going over the edges, elevating craft to a capital ‘C’, seeking a little more authenticity and most importantly enjoying the process.

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